JIMMY AWN TENT 1400 x 2100

€799,00 Incl. btw
Artikelnummer: EA-TENTJIMMY
Levertijd: 2 dagen

The Eezi-Awn Jimmy Tent is a great addition to your Series 1000 or Series 2000 Awning. This ingenious design slides in to the front roller or profile of the awning, and is staked into position with a series of tent stakes and 3 guy ropes. It includes a mesh window with a solid back panel for privacy, and a solid door panel with a mesh screen for it as well. A handy zipper is located at the bottom of the main panel to unzip and sweep out any sand or debris. The welt that attaches to the awning has a zipper that allows you to disconnect the tent from the awning so you can leave the tent standing and drive away if necessary. A pair of aluminum poles are provided to keep the tent upright. Large enough to sleep 2 adults.

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