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Ideal for people wishing to run dual battery systems for lighting, appliances and winching equipment, this heavy duty isolator provides isolation for multi-battery systems to allow the auxilliary battery to be drained without affecting the main vehicle systems.
Using a heavy duty sealed contactor, the system can be used for split charging, or as a remote isolator for heavy loads such as winches.
Complete with wiring diagram SW80
Technical Data
Main Contact Configuration SP ST NO STUD, M8 Thermal
Current Rating 100% 125A (Recommended Bussbar Size for the Maximum Continuous Current Rating - 82mm2)
Typical fault currents which can be ruptured (5ms time constant)
Without Blowouts 190A at 60V D.C.
With Blowouts 190A at 96V D.C. Maximum
Recommended Contact Voltages (Resistive Load)
Without Blowouts 60V D.C.
With Blowouts 250V D.C.
Typical Voltage Drop Across Contacts per 100A
Normally Open 40mV
Mechanical Life >1 x 106 Coil power dissipation Intermittently rated types(INT) 15-20 Watts
Prolonged rated types (PO) 13-15 Watts
Continuously rated types (CO) 7-13 Watts
Maximum pull-in voltage Intermittently rated types 60%V
Continuously rated types 66%V
Typical drop-out voltage 10-30%
Typical pull-in time (n/o contacts to close) 20ms
Typical drop-out time (n/o contacts to open) Without suppression 5ms With diode suppression 50ms With diode and resistor (depending on value) 8-20ms
Typical contact bounce period 3ms
Auxiliary contact thermal current rating 5A
Auxiliary Contact Switching
Capacities (Resistive Load) 5A at 24V D.C. 2A at 48V D.C. 0.5A at 240V D.C.
Typical Weight 350gms
Recommended Mounting Orientation Horizontal or Vertical, if vertical coil at bottom.
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