National Luna Led 9x Led Bar Clear 200mm

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Artikelnummer: NL-LED01030
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The new LED camp lights from National Luna have been designed with high efficiency and superior light output as priorities. Each model of light features high-quality LED components protected by built-in constant power regulator circuits and supported by a high-strength and effective enclosure.

The range begins with an economic 9-LED light and grows to an impressive high-power 27-LED light.

All models in the range offer a dual-power feature which can be used to switch from an ultra-low power ambient light to a full-power, wide-angle camp light.

All models also feature a wide operating voltage, reverse battery protection and short-circuit protection.

Typical applications include: caravans, trailers, 4x4 vehicles, trucks, buses, boats, solar installations, bush lodges, low-voltage interior lighting, emergency lighting and other 12-volt or 24-volt applications that require lighting.

Clip-on, yellow and red options also available.

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