Bow rope 11mm x 27.5m (90') for EP9/TDS winches with safety hook

€289,00 Incl. btw

Each of the twelve strands of Dyneema® Bowrope are made up from further strands containing thousands of very fine Dyneema® fibres. This creates an incredibly robust, strong and lightweight safer alternative to wire rope.

Dyneema® Bowrope is size for size the strongest and most durable synthetic winch rope available, at a price you can afford. Dyneema® Bowrope is UV stabilised giving the rope a long, safe working life. The special Dyneema® Bowrope highly visible light blue coating ensures both the rope’s stability and abrasion resistance. After manufacturing the 12 strand rope, it is heat set under tension to ensure durability, uniformity and maximum strength.
Another reason to use Dyneema® Bowrope is that it stretches very little, even under full load, so if in the unlikely event it did break, it won’t flail like a wire rope breaking. A very important safety feature. Dyneema® Bowrope also has excellent bending, bending fatigue properties and is therefore ideally suited for most diameter winch drums and pulley blocks. It does not curl up or kink like wire rope, nor do you get horrible spikes of wire sticking out.
Our Dyneema® Bowrope is also very durable due to its good resistance to both mechanical and environmental attack. It is not affected by oil or water and is just as strong, whether used in dry, wet, cold or humid conditions. During the last 10 years or so, Goodwinch has supplied over 265km of blue Dyneema® Bowrope – well over 9,000 made up ropes.

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